It’s all About when Employees Get Restless

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A topic near and dear to my heart, and almost all about me, is what do you do when you find yourself in a job that just doesn’t seem to be as fulfilling as it once was? I stumbled onto this question when reading a fellow colleague’s blog. It seems he is in this quandry now. I can say it’s all about me because I’ve been there.There’s really no right or wrong answer to this question. You have to really get quiet and think through what will work best for you. For me, when I have been in this position… feeling bored with my day-to-day tasks and the mundane task of just even showing up at the office, usually within 2-4 months I am out the door, working elsewhere.

I have to feel challenged, but not overfaced at my day job. I want work that allows me to learn something new on a fairly regular basis. It has to keep me somewhat entertained. And above all, it has got to be fun. If I’m not having fun, I don’t want to be there.

About a year ago I was faced with some major changes in my life. This hit me on all levels… personally, professionally, and spiritually. Now I’m not going to bore you with all the details of this totally life-altering experience, but what came out of it, was finding a day job I truly love and enjoy.

Making a major career move and focus change did not happen immediately. In fact, it actually started several months prior to this life-changing upheaval. This is where the quiet and listening part comes in. I actually landed an interim day job while the universe worked itself out. Then low and behold, it happened. I got the job offer… I was ecstatic.

This particular time I was forced to make a change, but typically I get to make the change on my own. I am a risk taker and as such I do indeed usually go where I think the grass is greener. So far, it’s been pretty tasty!

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