OK. So, like, this page isn’t about me. It’s about Pharoah. It has to be about Pharoah. Pharoah was my best non-human horse friend. He deserves a page. I’ll tell you more later…

It’s later. It’s still hard to talk about my best bud, non-human horse friend. Some days are good and I can laugh and joke. Some days are not so good. I can’t quit crying over what feels like such a great loss. I know in my heart it is not loss at all, but truly a gain for having such a wonderful animal to share my life for so long. I am truly grateful for all that Pharoah taught me while he was here.

OK. I’ve shared that part. Pharoah was born in 1988 and came into my life in 1989 as a 13-month old. He was our rescue horse. Even though we paid money for Pharoah (all of $200), he was really a rescue. I even got lucky and was able to get full registration papers for him. He was a purebred Arabian horse. Pharoah’s sire was the great Beau’s Image++++. Beau lived to the ripe old age of 30. I had hoped Pharoah would follow in his footsteps. But sadly did not.

Donna and Pharoah on the Cones Course at Sunrise Ridge 2007

Donna and Pharoah on the Cones Courseat Sunrise Ridge 2007

This is me and Pharoah in March 2007, competing in the Sunrise Ridge Horse Driving Trial in Paradise, Texas. My friends, Kate and Jheroen own this beautiful property.

TMS Pharoah 1988-2008