It’s all About the Golden Kickball

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Had to work in the office today. No big deal. I have to go into the office on the first Wednesday of each month, and then on an as needed basis. Since I work a shortened week (only 32 hours), and with gasoline being so expensive, this seems to be working for the most part. I am so grateful that my employer is pro-remote employee. In fact, they expect all employees to work at least 2 days each from home. They have shared seating and flex seating. I have flex seating. That means when I go into the office, I have to fend for myself to get a work station. Most of the time this works out pretty well, and even though I got into the office before 9am today, there were no work stations open near my team. i ended up sitting on the opposite side of the building from them. And that was OK. I really liked the station I found. It was very open and I didn’t feel like I was swimming in a fish pond. I could even see out the windows. Pretty slick. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s all About when Employees Get Restless

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A topic near and dear to my heart, and almost all about me, is what do you do when you find yourself in a job that just doesn’t seem to be as fulfilling as it once was? I stumbled onto this question when reading a fellow colleague’s blog. It seems he is in this quandry now. I can say it’s all about me because I’ve been there. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who knew the food could be that good

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I’m marking this entry as day job as well as food. Why? Because if it wasn’t for my day job, I never would have suspected that a trip to The Cheesecake Factory could be so good. The Boss in the corner cubicle decided to treat his team to dinner in saying good-bye to one team member, welcoming yet another new team member, and a general attaboy recognition of the entire team. I am glad I was invited. Being the only contractor on the team sometimes makes work life a little tough. Since I’ve contracted for years, it’s really no big deal. It’s just that every now and then it’s kinda nice to feel like part of the team and get recognized. I was glad I didn’t flake out as the Boss acknowledged me… that felt good.

Now as to why this is a food post… OMG! The food at this place was truly great. I so badly wanted to try the Filet Mignon, but it would have been bad etiquette to do so (after all, it was the most expensive item on the menu… but in retrospect seeing what others ordered PLUS desert, I think I would have been safe to get it as the dollar amount was just about the same after everything was said and done).

I had to try the Keoke Coffee. I was not disappointed. As one of my all-time favorite winter bar drinks, it hits the spot on those really cold, raw, North Texas days. This was no exception. Their version is made with Courvoisier, Kahlua, Dark Creme de Cacao, Coffee and Whipped Cream, was most excellent.

For my meal, I tried the Chicken Marsala. HOLY COW! What a plateful of food! There was enough for 3 people! Needless to say I got a togo box when I was done eating all that I could. I even went hungry. It was hard to narrow down my choices, and when the waitress got to me, I just blurted out Chicken Marsala. I was not disappointed with my choice. Looking at all the dinner plates, it’s my guess you’ll never leave this place hungry. I wanted to try one of the signature cheesecakes, but there just wasn’t any room left in my stomach.

This is a place that will definitely be added to my list of places to visit on special occasions. I’ve avoided the chain restaurant scene for years, but this one has made me rethink my philosophy about them. I would give the place 4 out of 5 stars (I was a bit disappointed in the service, thus the minus 1 star… but then there were 25 of us, so all in all our waitress can’t be faulted too heavily).

So this one is about the food, and not really about me. Well… it could sort of be about me… the Boss acknowledged me, so I guess that would make it about me 😉

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