It’s all about the Life in my Day

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This post is long overdue. It’s been a year. It’s been a long year. I’ve had a lot of life in my days. This post deviates somewhat from what I would normally post here. Since I haven’t posted anything in some time (nearly two months), I reckon I’m allowed.

I fell into the ranks of the unemployed nearly a year ago. I really didn’t think twice about it. My skills are highly desirable and very marketable. I was prepared for an up to four-month search as I knew my job sector had taken a direct hit in this ‘new’ economy.  Low and behold, within four months I did indeed find a short-term contract. Cool… this would get me into the fall when things should get better and it would buy me a little time to find a longer-term contract or even a permanent position. As my contract came to completion, several new opportunities presented themselves. Once more I found myself in the candidates chair and in the top three to five choices. While this is all very positive, the negative is that a job offer did not materialize. This is a first for me and I am simply astounded. Not to worry… life goes on.

And life does go on. Life in my day is now let the dog in, let the dog out; let the dog in, let the dog out. You get the picture. I’ve also got four horses to care for, three of which are senior citizens (pasture ornaments due to their age). Additionally, there’s all this work around the house that needs doing everyday. Oh yeah… and I have to conduct daily job searches for that ever elusive job so that I can continue to draw my unemployment.

There are several things I’ve learned this past year:
I can indeed live on way less than my usual upper 5-digit annual salary (of which I was lousy at saving).
I don’t need half the crap I used to buy and now realize that if I don’t ‘need’ it I don’t buy it.
I can do so much more, on so much less. This is almost liberating.
I have true friends who care for me (and for whom I’ll always be extremely grateful).
And the biggest thing I’ve learned is how much I really LOVE my parents and how much they really love me. I don’t say because they give me money, because they don’t. In fact, my mom keeps trying to give me money and I won’t take it. I love them because of the moral support and how they have been enriching my life this past year with our weekly lunch dates. A tradition we extended into yet another blog,

This post will definitely fall under babble as that is pretty much all it is. I just felt the need to write, so I did. There’ll be more… lots more.

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