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I have this friend. She’ll even admit were friends. I tell her she’s sweet, she tells me otherwise. I don’t believe her. She is sweet, I don’t care what she says. The amazing part about this relationship, is we met years ago when, compared to today, the Internet was still an infant. We met through an e-mail list that delivers info daily to us. Anyway, I blurted out not too long ago that I couldn’t believe we had known each other for over 10 years. Her response was classic… “Oh, you’re still here? I didn’t run you off?” We both laughed. Now we’re pretty tight. We’ve only met face-to-face once. It was great. I wished we lived closer. Anyway, this is my shameless plug for my friend. She does absolutely AWESOME Web work. And what’s really tops is her ability to provide you with a kick-ass Web site that YOU can maintain without even knowing HTML. She simply rocks… anyway… if you need a Web site, look her up… She even helped me get this blog up and running. She’s the best. Really.

See? It’s not always about me! Sometime it’s about my friends.

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