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I started taking rowing lessons a few weeks ago at the Fort Worth Rowing Club. Stop laughing. It’s not as easy as it looks. In fact, today I thought sailing was easier. Every Saturday morning since mid May I’ve been out on the water trying to figure this all out. I’ve determined I really need time on the water to get comfortable. I know I over-think the whole process. I’m working on it.

Today was test day. We had to demonstrate launching the boat from the dock, boat pivot (as opposed to an oar pivot), oar handling/balancing, back watering, a quick-start, and getting back to the dock. OK. So I had issues getting back to the dock. They have this ‘special’ way they want you to come into the dock. I know I can get to the dock and return to land, I just wasn’t very good doing it their way. And to add insult to injury, I got yelled at. My two cents on that: don’t just yell at me… yell and tell me how to fix what I’m doing wrong. Don’t just stand yelling, “No! No! No!” I clearly do not think as quickly as I used to (that’s a whole other issue for discussion).

Anyway, so now I’m fully certified to use up to level 3 boats. I guess that’s OK, but my competitive side is pretty bent because one other person is certified up the level 5 boats. That’s where I want to be. I can’t complain too much I suppose. I feel like I was left to my own vices and figuring a lot of this out on my own. didn’t get a whole lot of personal instruction. I have yet to row in a crew boat. Why? Because ‘they’ never got to me. Even when I said I was suppose to get in a crew boat, it never happened. That’s kinda tough.

At the end of today’s session on the water, I did have a little fun. I took Gnomey who is here from Germany. It’s his second stop in his world-wide SabreTown journey. I’m trying to show him a good time.

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