It’s all About Purpose

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“Find a purpose in life so big it will challenge every capacity to be at your best.” ~David O. McKay

I came across this quote today. I think we all have this capacity. I know I do. I strive to be at my very best every day. I don’t always succeed; I do try, though.

I think having purpose is like having a job. Everyone needs purpose. Sometimes you have to be quiet to discover what your purpose is. I know that sounds almost like a cliche, but it’s a fact that we all know so well. To gain the guidance and know your purpose, you have to be quiet and listen.

Your purpose may be for a few hours, a day, a week. Each purpose has a different time frame and we never know what that might be. Be mindful and listen. You too will find your purpose.

My purpose today is making people smile. What’s yours?


It’s all About being Social

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This has been a crazy year and this post is long overdue.

Being the social butterfly that I am, you might find it hard to believe that I would avoid such venues as twitter and facebook. I didn’t understand twitter, and I felt facebook too invasive. However, this year that changed.

I actually started on facebook a year ago when my colleagues were being laid off. I wanted to stay in touch. I created a profile and went on my merry little way, checking in about once a month. I signed up for a twitter account about the same time but totally did not get it. Never used it.

I found myself in the unemployment line about mid-March and all that changed. I still have my doubts about facebook, but have realized through using it, I have some pretty awesome friends. I also enjoy the camaraderie of friends far away that I’ve gotten to know better. And the most amazing part, is that I have discovered there are people out there who genuinely care and check on me on a daily basis. The downside of facebook? They introduced farmtown. I admit it. I’m addicted. I have to plant and harvest my crops and keep things watered. If only all that coinage I’ve earned was real… I would be a millionaire!

As for twitter. I so totally get it now. I liked the analogy of a tree with birds in it tweeting to each other. That’s really what twitter is, except with people instead of birds. I have friends who don’t get it and I have a hard time explaining how to get it. What I discovered with twitter, is that all of a sudden you can get up close and personal with people you might not ever have the opportunity to do so in any other venue. I’m not talking stalking up close, but being able to reach out and on rare occasion actually get a response. Those are the moments I live for. I’ve tweeted with the likes of Sam Champion, Chris Cuomo and the awesome guys at CreativeTechs. My followers include Arnold Shwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and much to my amazement a few local celebs follow me, too… Dale Hansen and cohabitat. I have a fairly good balance of who I follow and who follow me. The value I see in twitter is bringing the world just a little closer and more in reach of the common man. I like the interaction and being able to brighten others’ days.

Without these two venues, this would have been a tough year. I am glad I am find my way and this is all about being social!


It’s all About the G65 Ladies

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I was prompted today to start blogging again. So here I go.

It’s been kind of a tough year for me. Hasn’t gone exactly the way I thought it would or should. However, this wonderful circle of girlfriends have blessed my life and has made dealing with life so much easier.

Today we all met for lunch. Again, I feel so very blessed, as we have managed to pull off meeting for lunch about once a month since the first of the year. This is quite a feat as we all have such hectic schedules and demands. Today it was Lin, Amy, Dana and Gayla. Dana brought her son, Kasson, and her new baby girl, Kinsley. What wonderful children. Kasson has impeccable manners, and “Baby Kinsley” is just an absolute doll.

We met at Mi Chula’s in Southlake. Turns out I could have walked there faster than it took me to drive. Oh well. Definitely hoofing it next time. Very tasty Mexican food at this place. I had the chicken flauta platter. Yum!

It was super catching up with everyone. These women are just so positive and gracious. I am so very glad we’ve become such good friends.

Oh? What’s “G65?” We all met through an employee-only social network. G65 is actually Group 65 as it was the 65th group to be formed within the network. We all kinda came together and ended up forming the G65 Ladies Auxiliary. The rest, as they say, is history. You can learn about this cool application for your company by visiting I highly recommend it! If you decide it’s an app you want to learn more about, tell ’em Donna sent you! Yah… that was a shameless plug, but I had to do it.

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It’s all About Ace

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I got the call today. Ace is permanently retired.

Who is Ace? Ace is my girlfriend’s old Arabian horse. She’s been allowing me to drive him for the past 20 months, following the passing of my own Arabian horse. Ace is a spry 29 year-old, that you wouldn’t guess to be a day over 20. Lots of spring in his trot, and a twinkle in his eye. I’ve had some very enjoyable times with Ace and he has certainly helped me deal with the loss of my own horse.

Last week we had awful weather here in Texas. Temps in the 100s, high humidity; and then a slight cool down with some pretty powerful thunderstorms. With the weather, also came colic. Ace was rushed off to the vet, treated, spent a night or two and came home. He’s not out of the woods yet. My girlfriend believes it best to let him just live out however many days he has left as a pasture ornament. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to enjoy some time with Ace. He’s a good pony.

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It’s all About the Birthday Dinner

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The celebrations have begun!

It is my birthday week. It’s a very special year, in which I hit the half-century mark. As much as I hate admitting that, I have to share it because that is what is driving the setting for these next few posts.

The celebrations were kicked off by my husband taking me out for the obligatory birthday dinner. Don’t get me wrong. I love my annual dinner out; it’s just usually to the same ol’ place, H3 Ranch steak house. I admit H3 is my favorite place for getting a good steak, but sometimes it’s nice to eat that steak in something not so ‘roadhouse.’ I was taken by surprise to a place that may have just landed at the top of my favorite places to eat: Eddie V’s. This shiny new restaurant, which is getting mixed reviews, turned out to be a very pleasant deviation from the usual trip to H3.

I had read that Eddie V’s was dark, and the rooms cold – take a sweater and a flashlight. I took the sweater, not the flashlight. While it was a bit dim, I found I could read the menu without too much difficulty. The wait staff were eager to offer up mini flashlights should you prefer to use one. On this particular occasion the sweater was not a necessity.

As for the food, I had read all kinds of info from ‘luke warm’ to ‘piping hot.’ Most reviews have been positive, but it only takes a few bad ones to destroy an establishment. I can say that our experience was most enjoyable.

We had reservations for 6pm, and upon arrival, we were promptly seated in a booth. Our waiter, Eric, was at the table almost immediately and I noticed that he welcomed us by name. Now that’s impressive as we have never met. A very nice, personal touch to experience. Very personable and helpful, Eric stepped us through the menu of gastronomical delights.

We decided to start the evening off with the Maryland-style All Lump Crab Cake with sauteed with Chive Remoulade sauce. I am not a seafood person. I have issues (mostly mental) with fish, but I will at least try it now. Recently I discovered that lump crab is not so bad. Visits to the local seafood kitchen, GoGo Gumbo, introduced me to this delectable appetizer when made with fresh lump crab. For me, GoGo set the standard. I was not disappointed with Eddie V’s version… if this was any indication of what was to come, we were in for a real treat.

Up next, the meal.

There were several menu items that caught my attention. The Pacific Ahi Tuna Steak seared with Shiitake Mushrooms, Wasabi Potato Purée and Ginger-Soy Jus; the Swordfish Steak broiled with fresh Jonah Crab, Avocado and Red Chile Vinaigrette; the Roasted, Double Breast of Chicken with grilled Wild Mushrooms and Natural Jus; the double-cut Colorado Lamb. However, it was the 8oz Filet Mignon that made it to my tastebuds for the evening. When delivered, my fist-size chunk of flesh was prepared to perfection. My first bite just melted in my mouth like a piece of good Swiss chocolate. The next bite didn’t disappoint either; it was as good as the first. And the last bite, was equally as good as the first.

I discovered I like sea scallops. They must be absolutely fresh, like right off the boat and served within the hour. My husband ordered the broiled jumbo Georges Bank Sea Scallops wrapped in bacon and broiled with a tomato-basil butter sauce. I, the anti-seafood person, would order these on another visit. I got a taste-test of one scallop, and just like the Filet, it just melted in my mouth like a chunk of good chocolate.

Vegetables and side dishes are served family-style and there is easily more than enough for two, and plenty for four. When we inquired about the ‘truffled’ macaroni and cheese, Eric’s response was simply, “to die for.” When I hear ‘to die for’ I think of GoGo Gumbo’s chef Kraig’s delectable dessert of fresh fruit, whipped cream and lady fingers that can only be described as To Die For, and bears the same name. So when Eric described the truffled mac and cheese as to die for, I had to try it. The spin on this dish is traditional macaroni and cheese made with black truffles and Parmesan cheese. We also split a dish of perfectly steamed asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. Needless to say, we brought home a few leftovers.

The End.

No evening out is complete without dessert. I’ve never been big on desserts, but sometimes you just have to. Like sex, I think the food leading up to dessert was just foreplay. With each dessert description, my mouth just watered that much more. Can I have one of each please? When I saw the Belgium Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry sauce, there was no doubt that would be my choice. Just like the Filet, and the truffled mac and cheese, my mouth went into orgasm-mode with each bite.

Because this was my birthday dinner, we got a few perks… my husband got to try a special drink not found on the menu and comp’d by Eric. A vodka iced tea of sorts to ‘help get him through this experience.’ Very tasty indeed. My dessert was also comp’d and comp’d or not, I would have ordered it regardless.

This was definitely a birthday dinner I won’t soon forget. Eddie V’s gets five stars from me for both service and food; and my vote for a special evening out.

Happy birthday to me!

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