Oh the Horror… it was *NOT* all about me

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Holy cow! How can this happen? Not once, but twice! I could not believe that it was not about me.

The first time it happened, was quite by accident. And there an accident involved. Not a very good one either. CareFlight had to airlift someone to the hospital. But that really didn’t have anything to do with me except for the fact that it made me miss most of my dinner date with my friends. So, I call Kathy since hers was the only cell phone number I had out of the 6 people I was meeting for dinner. Dang… straight to voicemail. I leave her a message anyway. I’m still sitting on the freeway; I have not moved, not one inch, in 30 minutes. I call Kathy’s house phone and leave a message there, too (even though I know this will do me no good at all). I move 50 feet and come to a standstill again. Another 5 minutes goes by, and Kate calls. One of the people I am meeting for dinner. They have already arrived and ordered by this point. I told her where I was and what had happened. She starts to tell me about a ‘shortcut’ just as we start moving again. I’m good… and I meet everyone for dinner, well at this point, dessert. Which, by the way, was very good.

The next day, Kathy calls me saying she’s returning my call. I am puzzled. I had not called or left any messages. I let her know that I called the evening before, but we got it all sorted out. Kathy tells me she… knows another Donna! Yikes! How can that be? Another Donna? Oh my.

And that was the first me it was not about me.

Now all this would not be so bad. Sooner or later there will be other Donnas. We’re just usually very spread out. …or so it seems.

Today I needed to ask my friend Nori about some HTML code. It was much easier to have her explain it to me than try to read up on it and figure it out. So I call. She answers the phone and I tell her it’s Donna. I can hear the puzzlement in her voice, but keep talking anyway. At the end of the conversation, she informs me that I need to better identify myself when I call because she knows at least 2 other Donnas. Wait. Back up… there are 2 more Donnas in Nori’s life? How can that be? Other Donnas? Oh my.

And that was the second time it was not about me.

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