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I got to spend a wonderful day with one of my best girlfriends recently. She was taking a carriage driving lesson, so I tagged along and played the part of a pretty useless helper. Well, I wasn’t totally useless… at least I’m not directionally challenged and got us to where the lessons were being held.

What a stroke of bad luck…

I took my camera to take some pics. Darn. It was dead. The little voice told me to charge the battery. I didn’t. No fear. My girlfriend brought her video camera. It had a battery. It didn’t have a memory stick for recording video. It just wasn’t the day for picture taking I guess.

Good luck!

It was a great day weather-wise. A bit on the warm side, but tolerable. And certainly more tolerable than right now (it’s nearly 90 outside and after 11pm). My friend was a wreck. You would have thought she was going to an A rated horse show. It was just a lesson! She was so nervous. As her lesson progressed, she finally relaxed and finished with a huge smile on her face. She was so happy with her horse. Her horse’s name is Timmy, and Timmy was the perfect gentleman and did everything that was asked of him. He looked like he was having a good time, too.

And in the end…

It was a long a day, but so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day doing horsey, girlfriend things.

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