It’s all About Friends, Family, and Thanksgiving (but it was really all about me)

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I had the wonderful blessing of being invited to participate in the Thanksgiving day family festivities at my friend’s ranch this year. I’ve known Kate’s family for years now. What made this particular day so special was realizing just how long I’ve known them all, and getting to witness how the niecelets, as they are affectionately known, have grown up into young women. The youngest, Katie, is now 18 years old. I first met her when she was about 6. There’s also Callie and Abbie. I think Callie is now about 21 and Abbie is somewhere in the middle. The other kids have grown up as well, but I know the niecelets the best.

What stands out most about this day, was the hay ride. Foolish me tried to carry a glass of wine on the trip. Wrong. Note to self: take a sippy cup next time. I had more wine on my than in my mouth. I digress. What came out of this trip was the realization that it isn’t always all about me even though I would like it to be. Kate has new calves on the ground. The topic of naming the newborns came up. I asked if she was going to name one Donna. I was quickly informed it wasn’t all about me. What do you mean it’s not all about me? We all laughed hard.

I realized on this day, just how thankful I am to have such wonderful friends as Kate and Jhereon, and for them to think enough of me to include me in their family day. I was honored. In reflection, I am very thankful to a former colleague who introduced me to Kate over 10 years ago.

This was a day that was truly about friends, family, and Thanksgiving.


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