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Had to work in the office today. No big deal. I have to go into the office on the first Wednesday of each month, and then on an as needed basis. Since I work a shortened week (only 32 hours), and with gasoline being so expensive, this seems to be working for the most part. I am so grateful that my employer is pro-remote employee. In fact, they expect all employees to work at least 2 days each from home. They have shared seating and flex seating. I have flex seating. That means when I go into the office, I have to fend for myself to get a work station. Most of the time this works out pretty well, and even though I got into the office before 9am today, there were no work stations open near my team. i ended up sitting on the opposite side of the building from them. And that was OK. I really liked the station I found. It was very open and I didn’t feel like I was swimming in a fish pond. I could even see out the windows. Pretty slick.As I was getting ready to leave, I checked in with my manager. Always good to get a little face time. My manager is totally cool and very supportive. He doesn’t micro-manage like so many seem to do these days. I think it’s part of the culture there, though as I haven’t met anyone yet who follows that management style. I guess when you have so many remote employees, you can’t micro-manage really. I mean, I suppose you could, but you really have to work on a trust foundation in this environment. I absolutely love it. It is very empowering. I like being able to pretty much set my own schedule and I work hard to maintain core hours so my content owners can find me easily.

I know. I got off track. Word vomit.

Anyway, here’s the point of my post: as I was getting ready to leave, my manager’s manager (he’s really a VP), stopped me and asked me if I wanted to join the team and play kickball! I was floored. After last year’s dismal showing, I didn’t think he would ever want me to play again. But he did! Darn the luck, though… my day is already booked solid so I’m not going to get to play this year and help defend our title as Kickball Champion, and retain the golden kickball award. If I can swing it, maybe I’ll go cheer them on! Sure hope to see the golden kickball still in our trophy cabinet the next time I go in.

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