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What an amazing day!

I heard from my girlfriend Jennifer today. Her new life is settling down nicely after parting ways with her husband. We must have talked for an hour. I was glad she called. Told me she had been thinking about me and wondered if I was OK. So she called. Wow. I’m still floating… I’m glad we’re friends.

Then I started talking with my girlfriend Lisa. We were talking about ‘what’s for dinner’ when I came up with this brilliant idea to start a blog where she and I could swap recipes. How fun?! And we both came to the realization we’re the most unlikely to have become the friends we are. I’m glad we’re friends.

And, then there’s my girlfriend Lori. Holy cow! Did she have the day or what. First she gets news that her horse may have heat founder. I’ve never heard of that before. Will have to do some investigating. And she ended up in the emergency room again with her husband who is recovering from bypass surgery. But as God would have it, both pony and husband are doing just fine this evening. She sent me a note and told me about her day. I’m glad we’re friends.

I’ve also heard from my girlfriend Pam in the last 24 hours. Her computer died, so now it and the new one are enroute to her son in Arkansas so he can make the new right, and grab the info off of her old hard drive. I was tickled that she called *me* to let me know she was sans computer. I’m glad we’re friends.

Now it’s not my place to discuss my girlfriends’ personal lives and that isn’t the point here. I just felt I had to give a little perspective.

The point of this post… it is ALL about my friends and I have them! The moral of this post… it isn’t always about me!

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