It’s all About My Life Passing Before Me

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HOLY CRAP! Can’t these people drive? Darn newbies…

I’m driving along, on my way to work, just minding my own business. There’s a stretch of highway that allows you to move at a pretty swift pace, of course it can’t be that swift…after all we’re talking day job traffic here. Anyway, I’m cooking along, rolling with the flow. It’s a two-lane highway. One lane heading east, one lane heading west. That’s it. It’s dangerous. That’s a given. People die on TX Hwy 114. It’s a known fact. Back to me… I’m driving along, rolling with the flow. There’s barely 3 cart lengths between me and the string of cars leading the way. THERE IS NO ONE BEHIND ME. This MO-ron decides he’s gonna pull out, making a left turn from my right side… IN FRONT OF ME! HELLO??? HOLY CRAP!

Man do I *love* my BMW! It may be old, but it gets it when you need it. I zigged left instead of right. I know. I broke the golden driving rule, but hey… I *love* my little car and really didn’t want to destroy it today. Had I gone right, I would either hit the tail-end of the MO-ron pickup truck or run over his trailer. Neither would have produced the desired results. So I floored it and zigged left. Whew! In the clear.

Proving once again, it’s all about me!

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