It’s all about life…

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So much for a weekly, let alone daily, post about life in the day of me. It’s been crazy. I haven’t really had a whole lot to say either.

Here it is a little over three months after my last post. More life has happened. I remained jobless since October 1, 2009. That has totally sucked. I’ve picked up some freelance and barter projects, but nothing significant that I can support myself on. It has totally grated on me to be stuck in this position.

Had to put down the two old horses. That wasn’t fun, but it was necessary. Boukie went down and couldn’t get up. That sucked. Several weeks later, it was clear that Louie was languishing after the loss of his buddy. I love my Vet and his people, and my good friends Lori Allen, Kathy and Jeff Hoffman, who all helped me with this huge task. Thank you all for both your physical and moral support.

OK. It’s not all doom and gloom. There have been a ton of bright and uplifting spots along the way. In March, there was all the preparation for the annual Sunrise Ridge Horse Driving Trial. I’m responsible for the program and sponsors. That alone is nearly a full-time job. The event took place in April this year.

In May, I got to attend the Certified Zentangle Teacher conference in Massachusettes. Had a blast, met some creative people and made some truly wonderful new friends. It was good for networking, too. This was truly a turning point in my life and as one new friend told me, “life changing.” She was not kidding. It has been life changing, and as a result, I vow to be more diligent in posting on a regular basis now.

Because I do have life in my day, I hear it calling my name. Until my next post, HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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It’s all About being Social

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This has been a crazy year and this post is long overdue.

Being the social butterfly that I am, you might find it hard to believe that I would avoid such venues as twitter and facebook. I didn’t understand twitter, and I felt facebook too invasive. However, this year that changed.

I actually started on facebook a year ago when my colleagues were being laid off. I wanted to stay in touch. I created a profile and went on my merry little way, checking in about once a month. I signed up for a twitter account about the same time but totally did not get it. Never used it.

I found myself in the unemployment line about mid-March and all that changed. I still have my doubts about facebook, but have realized through using it, I have some pretty awesome friends. I also enjoy the camaraderie of friends far away that I’ve gotten to know better. And the most amazing part, is that I have discovered there are people out there who genuinely care and check on me on a daily basis. The downside of facebook? They introduced farmtown. I admit it. I’m addicted. I have to plant and harvest my crops and keep things watered. If only all that coinage I’ve earned was real… I would be a millionaire!

As for twitter. I so totally get it now. I liked the analogy of a tree with birds in it tweeting to each other. That’s really what twitter is, except with people instead of birds. I have friends who don’t get it and I have a hard time explaining how to get it. What I discovered with twitter, is that all of a sudden you can get up close and personal with people you might not ever have the opportunity to do so in any other venue. I’m not talking stalking up close, but being able to reach out and on rare occasion actually get a response. Those are the moments I live for. I’ve tweeted with the likes of Sam Champion, Chris Cuomo and the awesome guys at CreativeTechs. My followers include Arnold Shwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and much to my amazement a few local celebs follow me, too… Dale Hansen and cohabitat. I have a fairly good balance of who I follow and who follow me. The value I see in twitter is bringing the world just a little closer and more in reach of the common man. I like the interaction and being able to brighten others’ days.

Without these two venues, this would have been a tough year. I am glad I am find my way and this is all about being social!


It’s all About the G65 Ladies

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I was prompted today to start blogging again. So here I go.

It’s been kind of a tough year for me. Hasn’t gone exactly the way I thought it would or should. However, this wonderful circle of girlfriends have blessed my life and has made dealing with life so much easier.

Today we all met for lunch. Again, I feel so very blessed, as we have managed to pull off meeting for lunch about once a month since the first of the year. This is quite a feat as we all have such hectic schedules and demands. Today it was Lin, Amy, Dana and Gayla. Dana brought her son, Kasson, and her new baby girl, Kinsley. What wonderful children. Kasson has impeccable manners, and “Baby Kinsley” is just an absolute doll.

We met at Mi Chula’s in Southlake. Turns out I could have walked there faster than it took me to drive. Oh well. Definitely hoofing it next time. Very tasty Mexican food at this place. I had the chicken flauta platter. Yum!

It was super catching up with everyone. These women are just so positive and gracious. I am so very glad we’ve become such good friends.

Oh? What’s “G65?” We all met through an employee-only social network. G65 is actually Group 65 as it was the 65th group to be formed within the network. We all kinda came together and ended up forming the G65 Ladies Auxiliary. The rest, as they say, is history. You can learn about this cool application for your company by visiting I highly recommend it! If you decide it’s an app you want to learn more about, tell ’em Donna sent you! Yah… that was a shameless plug, but I had to do it.

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It’s all About Her

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Recently a friend’s barn was broken into and wiped out-saddles, bridles, harness, tools, and lots more. Thieves used her own trailer to take what they wanted, including the trailer. However this post is not about the loss of goods. It’s about a comment my friend made while discussing her plight. She was on her way out the door in search of her stolen items when she said this was all about her! Now here’s the irony… this same friend is the one who talked me into starting this blog in the first place. I knew this was one time I could smart off and remind my friend that it is not about her, but it is really about me. Actually… I think she was right… it is all about her. At least for today.

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It’s all About Jheroen

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Today’s is Jheroen’s birthday. What do you get Dr. Particle Physicist who can buy anything he wants? I was told to write a poem. I’m really not good at poetry, but Haiku always intrigued me. So I took a stab at it and came up with this:

A Dutchman walks down
Sunny shady tree-lined trails
His Texas longhorns

Jheroen owns a gorgeous Texas longhorn cattle ranch. The Haiku works.

Happy Birthday, my friend!

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