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I think sooner or later folks will see the beauty in blogging. I’ve resisted it for years. I think it’s possible to blog without getting totally personal, but it’s still personal because I’m talking and you’re listening. Remember… it’s all about me. I don’t know that this post will be totally about me, but I’ll see if I can’t spin it that way.

I have a girlfriend who decided to remodel her house. When she discovered that it was going to be extensive, she bought another house to live in while her current house was getting fixed up. Problem was, when she bought the new house, it needed remodeling BEFORE she could move into it. So now she is stuck living in the old house while she’s waiting on the new house to get remodeled. It’s really quite a saga. I told her she should blog about it. This was her reply…

“Can’t do a blog on the house because

1. Too depressing

2. Same ol’ shit, day after day

3. Too busy doing it to write about it

Was in meetings from 6:30 until 10 last night — all bad news, another meeting today, and spent time unsuccessfully trying to track down/stalk architect to get him to come over.

It sucks to live it, would double suck to read about it.

But YOU, on the other hand, are a constant delight!

(I think you need to have the popcorn in the chicken recipe online!)”

See? I knew there was a spin in there somewhere to make it all about me!

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  1. Peggy Says:

    Hey Donna, this is great thanks for sharing it with me … my only suggestion is that the dark brown on the side makes it really hard to read the categories … but then my eyes are not the best and I need new glasses … speaking of glasses, went and got Rick a new pair today and saved over $169.00 by shopping around! That is something he is not good at, he wants to just buy it right then and not worry about money but I said no we shall go looking around and sure enough wow what a savings we got … by taking a short drive to another store. Anyway so cool you have this blog going … your friend from the snowy north …. Peggy :>)

  2. DJ Says:

    I agree, Peggy. The brown/tan theme is a little dark. It’s a work in progress. And you forget, it’s not about the Web site, it’s all about me!

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