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My parents are pretty cool people. At this point in the game of life, we’re really good friends. Never saw that coming. I spent the day with them learning about living trusts. I’m their successor trustee. It can be a big job, and I get to do it. I learned lots about the process and I’m pretty convinced this is the way to go. Of course we all have to make our own decisions on that one.

After the meeting, we went out to lunch. Now that was fun. We went to Olive Garden… Mom played guinea pig and tried the Chicken Scallopini. I think that’s what it was. All I know is the chicken was really good… grilled to perfection: cooked through, but still moist. More than I could say about my meal. While I love the Chicken Scampi, today it left a lot to be desired. As my husband would say, it was edible. However, our waiter, Ben, caught on quickly to my liking of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and kept my meal well covered with the stuff. Dad had this 3-cheese something that looked absolutely delicious. Lushes that we are, I think we had an unspoken celebration of our day together as we each had a glass of wine with our meals. Dessert was this chocolate truffle-like thing with cream and strawberries. The chocolate was warm with a gooey center. Very good! Reminded me of eating melted chocolate kisses.

All in all, like my evening out with friends, this was just a super enjoyable time and a memory that is well planted in my brain.

Can’t wait till the next adventure.

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