It’s all About Rex Goliath

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About this Rex Goliath Free Range wine I picked up. Evidently there’s a story that goes with it. It’s something like this…

HRM Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster

HRM Rex GoliathGiant 47 Pound Rooster

“It is said, that around the turn of the 20th century, traveling with a Texas Circus, there lived a rooster named HRM (His Royal Majesty) Rex Goliath. A proud star of the circus, Rex was billed as the ‘World’s Largest Rooster’ weighing in at a ‘goliath’ 47 pounds. Folks came from far and wide to behold the Giant, who proved to many he was no ordinary farm bird. Rex patiently sat at his circus roost, gazing fondly upon his many admirers who traveled – some from across the state – to see him. A colorful poster, carefully painted in his visage, hung proudly above his throne.”

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